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Summer Camps 2012

Each summer camp is taught through literature, art, music, hands on activities, and local field trips!! Our summer camps are designed to be both educational and fun!! Spots are limited to 16 students ages first grade - fourth!! Weeks are subject to change due to enrollment and availability. We let parents know the week prior! We are working on two field trips per week and some fees may apply for entrance into museums etc. Weekly cost is $130.00 per week!

June 11 - 15 No theme week!!!!

We will be celebrating the end to a successful school year with a week of fun filled field trips!!! Lazy days at the park, swimming pool, movies and popcorn... A week to hang out and have fun!!!!!

June18-22 Ghost Towns and Reno Rodeo

Ghost towns are a large part of Nevada's history. Campers will continue with our study of Nevada's rich past by exploring why ghost towns were established, building their own ghost town, and visiting a ghost town and a mine in our area. We will also learn about animals native to our area.
Students will go back in time and explore the Wild West. They will learn about life as a cowboy, learn about famous outlaws, visit the Reno Rodeo, and create their own wild and crazy tale of adventure and mayhem. They will have the opportunity to see livestock close up, visit a working ranch, and maybe learn to quick draw!!!

June 25-29 Mad Scientist

To kids, gross and gooey are great, and the more the better! What could be better than mucking around with a slime pile or guessing the goo? At Gross and Gooey Science camp, your little mad scientist will find out some pretty neat things while yucking it up. Students will learn to make detailed observations and perform the scientific method!

July 2 - 6 (We will be closed Wednesday, July 4) Home Town & USA

Students will begin this week discussing and exploring America. Children will learn the meaning of Independence Day and what it really means to live in the United States. We will discuss the Fourth of July in our hometown, writing thank you letters to our soldiers, and examining true American culture. This week we will visit and tour the Fallon Naval Air Station!

July 9-13 Camping Week

Students will pack their bags as they head out camping on our playground! They will pitch a tent, roast a hot dog, and eat a smore or two!! This week is going to be filled with outdoor activities! Students will spend a morning at Scheel's discovering all the amazing camping equipment and touring the store! We will also head to Bower's Mansion for a day fun and hiking on the wonderful Davis Creek trails!

July 16-20 Safari Week

We will be exploring the animals of the African Safari! We will identify our own favorite African Animal and create a small presentation about the animal. We will also visit the African Safari via virtual fieldtrip... we will even take a field trip to the Safari Zoo in Reno!

July 23-27 A Pleasing Palette of artistic activities!

Art is about self expression, and when you add summertime fun to the mix, you've got our Art Exploration Camp. Let your child create their own masterpieces, be it a drawing, painting, or craft and garner a greater appreciation for art that will last a lifetime.
Each day students will be introduced to a different Master and their distinct style through literature. Artistic activities include drawing self-portraits, painting still life's, creating collages, crafting seed mosaics, plus other craft projects and amusing games certain to entertain and enlighten. This camp will help your child to stand tall and be proud of his or her artistic achievements. We will be watching the Art Town Calendar in Reno to plan our field trips!

July 30- Aug 3 Space Exploration

Three...Two...One...BLAST OFF! Into a fun week of space exploration! Students will learn about the planets, stars and constellations! We will be mapping and creating our own constellations as well as crafting our very own Solar System! We will be taking a field trip to the Planetarium to watch the star show as well as building our own rocket ships that we will launch in the park! This week is going to be an out of this world experience filled with fun activities that kiddos will surely not forget!

Aug 6-17 A Pirate's Life & Island Adventure

Students will be exploring life at sea as they learn about what pirates were really after. Scavenger hunts, treasure maps, walking the plank, and of course buried treasure will lead us into an Island Adventure. Our Island adventure will include hula lessons, making leis and a summer luau! As the week proceeds the children will collect clues to a treasure map that will lead us to our secret destination; X-Marks the spot at The Coconut Bowl!!!

Aug 13-17 Drama Camp

During the final week of summer camp children will be introduced to the wonderful world of drama. They will prepare a skit to perform for parents at the end of the week. They will create their own props and costumes. Each student will have certain lines they will have to memorize and practice!!!

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